Set the Bar Higher for Safety

drink safelyHolidays also evoke a sense of celebration…and drink specials at your favorite bar or restaurant. Whether it’s the champagne of New Year’s Eve, the green-tinted cocktails of St. Patty’s Day, or the margaritas of Cinco de Mayo, the commercial underwriter in me sees the potential risks for the establishment involved.

Most of bars and restaurants are full of celebrators on these days and it’s great for business – if you have the proper liquor liability coverage and controls in place. In my experience underwriting liquor liability coverage, most establishments recognize the need for this coverage, but many do not recognize the need to have all of their servers complete a certified alcohol awareness training course. Here are the top three reasons all servers need this important training: {Read More…}

Password Mania!

password safetyThis phrase and its variations can strike fear into a person’s heart in ways that few others can. Is someone reading your e-mails? Do they have your credit card information? Do you use the same password on any other sites, rendering them vulnerable?

Let that last question sink in a bit. If you use the same password on multiple sites and that password is compromised anywhere, every site where you use that password is compromised. {Read More…}

Get the Dish on Restaurant Food Safety

food safetyWhen customers enter a restaurant or food establishment, they expect an attentive wait staff, friendly service, tasty food, enjoyable atmosphere and, most importantly, a clean environment. The health inspector has a major influence on your business’s good standing, but in today’s digital environment, you must also be mindful of what customers write on social media sites. The best approach to maintaining your good reputation and keeping customers coming back is to practice proper restaurant food safety. Here are some basic food safety tips to follow. {Read More…}

May We Have Your Attention Please?

distracted drivingWhen driving home from work this week, I came face to face with a distracted driver.  The driver was looking down, eyes off the road, texting!

Recent studies have shown drivers are more distracted, which accounted for 3,179 deaths and 431,000 injuries in 2014. It is even estimated that 1 in 4 car crashes involved cell phone use. Take a look at a recent survey that was posted in USA Today. {Read More…}

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Insurance – What Are You Getting for Your Money?

cheap insuranceIt’s next to impossible to watch any type of TV programming without seeing a commercial advertising how you can save money on your insurance. So should you really purchase your insurance policy based upon the cheapest price?

Before I elaborate on this, allow me to ask you a different set of questions:

  • – Would you hire an attorney based solely upon who has the cheapest hourly rates?
  • – Would you hire a financial planner or investment advisor based solely upon their fees?

If you’re like most people, you probably answered these questions with a resounding “no.” Then why should making a decision on your insurance policy be any different? {Read More}