About Our Agency


Sixty years ago, Roland Dumont had a decision to make. Should he move his family to upstate New York to manage a MetLife office or should he stay in Bristol and open a business? Short on money but large on heart, Dumont decided to open the Roland Dumont Agency, Inc.

Roland’s vision was to sell insurance, buy and sell homes, and be involved with new construction. His positive attitude, hard work ethic, and willingness to take a chance allowed him to quickly grow his business.

Along the way, Dumont teamed with individuals to pursue common goals. He joined forces with local business people to build and occupy 1001 Farmington Ave before moving next door to the Dumont Agency’s current location at 985 Farmington Ave. In the early 80’s, several other insurance agencies were acquired.

Roland Dumont feels fortunate to have worked closely with partner, E. Lee Sinkwich and son/partner, Jim Dumont. Sinkwich, well known for his vast insurance knowledge and attention to detail, allowed Roland Dumont the freedom to concentrate on the real estate side of the business. Jim Dumont provided the continuity and reliability necessary to manage and grow the insurance operation and to expand financial services.

One of the unique advantages at the Dumont Agency is a professional staff that has been with the Agency for many years. Their knowledge and experience in both insurance and real estate provides the backbone of the Agency.

There were 35,000 residents in Bristol sixty years ago and the area consisted of many farms and open space. Dumont, born/raised and still living in Bristol, has made a life long commitment towards supporting young people in town. The Agency has been a long time team sponsor of the Edgewood, Forestville, and McCabe Waters Little Leagues. Dumont could also always be counted on to support numerous fundraisers for a variety of good causes.

While insurance and real estate has become more complex and sophisticated, Roland Dumont says that some things never change. The continuous thread has always been knowledge, integrity, and service.

Approaching its’ 60th anniversary, the Roland Dumont Agency, Inc. has evolved to be a well respected provider of insurance, real estate, and financial services. Will Roland Dumont retire? As long as he enjoys the business and is productive, count on seeing Roland at the office every day!