Insuring Your Jewelry

The holiday season is synonymous with gifting fine jewelry, but it’s also a time of increased travel, which raises the risk of jewelry loss and theft. Shockingly, the number of people reporting lost or stolen fine jewelry while traveling has doubled since 2015, with only 1% managing to recover their precious items. A concerning statistic reveals that nearly a quarter of men and 14% of women have admitted to losing their wedding rings at some point in their marriages. Given these odds, it’s essential to understand how to protect your valuable assets.

Find out more about the crucial role that jewelry insurance plays in safeguarding your precious investments by reading the full article.

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In the full article, you’ll discover:

1. The Drawbacks of Relying on Homeowners Insurance: Learn why depending on a basic homeowners policy to protect your valuable and sentimental jewelry can lead to frustrating limitations, deductibles, and potentially higher premiums.

2. How Jewelry Insurance Works: Explore how jewelry insurance provides compensation for lost or stolen items, the importance of professional appraisals, and why regular assessments are necessary.

3. Different Loss Settlement Options: Uncover the differences between Agreed Value Loss Settlements and Traditional Repair and Replacement and which option suits your needs.

4. Beyond Jewelry: What Else Is Covered: Discover that while jewelry is the most common item covered, inland marine policies extend their protection to various high-value portable items, providing peace of mind wherever they go.

5. Protecting Your Engagement Ring: Learn why engagement rings are often underinsured and how to best protect your investment.

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