A Career in the Insurance Industry

career in insuranceAt its core, the industry is a people business. It’s a promise to fulfill the duties set forth within the insurance contract and an important promise customers rely on. Effectively fulfilling that promise and keeping the company and ongoing concerns where the role of the commercial underwriter comes into play. The underwriter must evaluate all aspects of the risk, and determine the acceptability of the risk, policy terms, and an appropriate price.
No matter what your interests are, the industry has a role for you. A poll of other insurance professionals revealed that I’m not alone. When asked what their favorite part of their job is, the most common answers were: {Read More}

February is Insurance Careers Month

insurance career month

The second annual Insurance Careers Month kicks off today, Feb. 1, with organizers hoping to rally young insurance professionals around the world to “share pride in their careers and stimulate interest in the industry among their peers.”

First organized in 2016, the objective of Insurance Careers Month is to encourage carriers, brokers, agents and industry associations to plan their own outreach to young people to help spread awareness of the diverse career options that insurance offers. {Read More…}

Spring Into Safety with Loss Control

safetyI am sure most of us would agree that spring is such a beautiful time of year! Even though some of you may still be experiencing snow in your geographical regions, other areas are starting to show the early signs of spring, like the colorful heads of blooming flowers I’ve seen popping up around my home. So if you’re getting excited about emerging from your winter hibernation and trading in your winter coats and boots for shorts and sandals, you might also want to start thinking about your spring cleaning tasks. [Read More]

Calling All Millennials: Still Struggling With What To Do After College?

Row of graduates, focus on female graduate smiling

Graduating college is a very thrilling yet overwhelming experience. I myself just graduated last spring, and the reality is still slowly sinking in. If you are a millennial reading this, you can probably relate. Or maybe you have a son or daughter who is closing in upon graduation. Whatever stage of life you’re in, you […]

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